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CYT Portland
is the local affiliate of a national youth theater organization that serves over 18,000 students across the country.

We use musical theater to build character in a safe, non-competative environment. Every year we produce 3 professional Broadway-style musicals. If you attend you'll be blown away by the quality -- and then you're realize that everyone on stage is between 8 and 18 years of age!  

Each of these shows costs between $18,000 and $24,000 to produce. In order to keep the cost as low as we can for the families of the students involved, we offer the community the opportunity to advertise in the program for each of our shows.

We produce a professional keepsake quality program for each show. While the bulk of the program is devoted to the cast and the production, we reserve pages for community advertizing.

Questions about
advertising with CYT

Q: Who will see my ad?
We create a program for each run of shows.  For example, in the 2016-2017 Season, we have three shows -- Shrek Jr, WIlly Wonka Jr., and Beauty & the Beast Jr. Each of those shows will have a program.

The ads are printed in the program given out to every theater attender. More than a thousand people will see each show. These are families that are actively engaged in their communities.

Q: What is the cost?
Ads range from $139 - $500 for publication in the program for a single production. Discount packages are available when you buy placement in programs 2 or 3 productions in our season. We also have a single slot for a full-season sponsor who gets a full-page color ad in every program, logo on the cover, ad placement on the home-page of our website and free tickets to every show for $2500.  See this year's pricing matrix at the bottom of the page for details for all ad sizes and costs.

Q:Can I see what one of these programs looks like?
Sure.  CLICK THIS LINK to download a .pdf of one of our recent programs. (The link will tell you it can't preview.  That's only because the file is quite large. Hit the download button.) Note that the cover and inside-cover are printed in full color.  The interior pages are all black & white.

Q: Can I see some examples of ads?
Absolutely.  Click any of the following to open.
Q: Do I provide art work or does CYT do that for me?
In most cases you provide your own artwork. High resolution files in the .pdf, .jpg or .png format are acceptable. Files need to be sized exactly to the size of the ad purchased. In some cases, we can do simple layout for you, if you are absolutely unable to get artwork prepared. Ask the Managing Director about this. There may be a small layout & design fee depending on the complexity of the ad needed.

Q: How can I buy an ad in the next CYT Program?
Most ads are sold through our cast families. But if you were not approached in this way, and would still like to advertise, simply download the attached Ad Buy form. Then contact our managing Director.

Q: What are ad prices?
Here is the price matrix and current ad availability for the 2016-2017 Season. Discount for future shows is only available if ads are purchased at one time.  Availability updated as of 8/1/2016.

DOWNLOAD: 2016-2017 Season Ad Buy Form

  Notes 1 Show*
2 Shows*
3 Shows*
Tier Benefits
Ad Type Ad Details Full Price 15% Discount 25% Discount You Receive:
Full Season Sponsor
Full color
5.5" x 8.5" Back
1 per program
NA NA $2500 - Full color back cover of program for all shows.
- Color ad on CYT Website linking to your business.
- Logo on all posters, program cover.
- 10 Tickets to any performance
- Verbal thanks at show. 
Spotlight Sponsor
Full Back Cover
Full Color
5.5" x 8.5"
1 per program
$1125 - 8 Tickets to any performance.
- Verbal thanks at Show.
Featured Sponsor
Full Inside Page
Full Color
5.5" x 8.5"
2-3 per program
- 6 Tickets to any performance.
- Verbal thanks at Show.
Full Page
Grey Scale
5.5" x 8.5"
3-4 per program
$350 $595 $788 - 6 Tickets to any performance.
Ticket Sponsor Full color
300x300p graphic
or coupon printed
on every ticket voucher.
$300 $510 $675 - 4  Tickets to any performance. 
Featured Sponsor
1/2 Page, Inside Cover
Full Color
5.5" x 4.25"
4-6 per program
$285 $484 $642 - 4 Tickets to any performance.
Half Page
Grey Scale
5.5" x 4.25"
6-8 per program
$225 $379 $507 - 2 Tickets to any performance.
Third Page
Grey Scale
5.5" x 2.75"
9-12 per program. 
$139 $237 $313 - 2 Tickets to any performance.

* Important Note: The use of the word "Show" in this chart refers to a whole production run. If you buy an ad for "1 show" your ad will be in the program printed and given out to everyone who comes to see that production, regardless of which showing they attend.  If you buy an ad for "2 shows" your add will run in the programs for 2 consecutive productions.  For example, if you bought a "2 Show" ad slot in our 2016-2017 season, your ad would run in the Shrek Jr. program, and also in the Willy Wonka Jr. program.

Q: Do have any discounts or special programs so that I can get advertising cheaper?
Yes. If you commit to place your ad in more than one program we give you a discount. We run 3-4 productions a year. If you place your ad in two programs, we give you a 15% discount. If you place your ad in 3 programs, we give you a 25% discount. Ad placements must all be purchased at the same time.

Q: When is Payment Due?
Payment is required to reserve your advertising space.  Fill out this ad buy form, scan and email it to the managing director at, or fax it to Marc at 503-794-1697.  Before sending it verify that it is in the required size and format.
Artwork for Shrek Jr. needs to be received no later than 10/15/2016.
Artwork for Willy Wonka needs to be received no later than 2/15/2017.
Artwork for Beauty & the Beast needs to be received no later than 5/15/2017. 

Q: Any other policies about ads?
CYT is a family friendly organization, so we reserve the right to approve of the content as well as the business purchasing the ad. Payment must be received in order to reserve space in our program. Except for the cover and inside cover, all ad placement is determined by CYT.

Q: What's this thing about tickets?
In order to thank our sponsors who make these productions possible, we give each sponsoring company free tickets they can use to attend any show for the production they have advertised during. A special coupon code will be emailed to the primary contact listed on the ad form. This coupon code will give the above listed number of free tickets that can be redeemed for any show. 

Any other questions not answered here? Contact our Managing Director at